786 lbs of Produce Donated

This year we participated in the Plant A Row for the Hungry program dropping off extra produce on Sundays at the Farmington Gardens PAR collection center for Sunshine Pantry. Farmington Gardens invited PAR participants to a Harvest Celebration last Sunday to meet Sharon Straus, founder of Sunshine Pantry and to hear about Sunshine Pantry helping over 900 families each month. The Farmington Gardens PAR program donated over 6000 lbs of produce to Sunshine Pantry and we were astounded to hear that Nuts About Berries was the biggest donor with over 786 lbs donated!

Fabulous hat

Molly saw our SodaSpin spinning kits at the Sherwood market and decided she wanted one. She saved up her money over the summer vacation and purchased one. Then not only did she learn to spin but she also learned to knit and made this fabulous hat. We were thrilled when she showed it to us at the end of the market. What a great learning experience! Great job Molly.