Take a look at the size of the fennel that Carolyn grew, didn't she do well! Did you know that the fennel root tastes similar to parsnip.

For lunch we made a soup of leftovers: real chicken broth, snow peas that we shelled, fennel root, spring onions, noodles (from the store!) and topped with spicy globe basil.

After Market

After the Market on Saturday we came home and unloaded the vegetables that didn't sell at the market which we then use as a basis for meals during the week. For example for Saturday lunch I made a salad using half a bag of mixed cut lettuce (6 varieties), half a bunch of spring onions (4), and a kohlrabi (peeled and shredded). I added some local cheddar cheese although usually I sprinkle crumbled Feta cheese on top. Total cost $2.75, excluding the cheese, for a family of four!

Saturday dinner consisted of more vegetables: beet greens, 1 red and 1 green onion plus the tops, 2 Chinese kale (broccoli) and a pound of snow peas along with a can of locally caught tuna that we processed last summer in the pressure canner. Total cost for vegetables $5.25; not including the beet since that will be used in another meal.


This week we will have the following vegetables at the Sherwood Saturday Market (9 am - 1 pm):

Basil - Spicy Globe, Sweet Italian and Thai
Green Garlic
Green Onions
Lettuce - Bibb, Buttercrunch, Simpson, Speckles and Rouge D'Hiver
Peas - English, Sugar Snap and Snow
Swiss Chard

All grown without chemical sprays or petrochemical fertilizers.