I feel silly!

I had a laugh when I fed the chickens and checked on the sheep today; one of the lambs investigated the chicken feed bucket a bit too closely. That is the way with animals, there is always something either going awry or a source of amusement.
A few weeks ago our son was taking a bath and he heard footsteps on the stairs. Knowing that the rest of the family was at the Sunday market, he was a little alarmed, but it was ok, he peeked around the corner to see both goats climbing the stairs to check out what he was doing! The goats are quite intelligent and had quickly learned that the front door latch is just a lever that you push down to open the door.
That reminds me of another episode with the sheep. In the summer I had the rams and a wether in a separate paddock from the ewes. One day the the gate separating the rams and ewes was wide open! I coaxed them back into their separate paddocks but pondered how the gate had mysteriously opened, since it was not a gate we typically use. This gate has a latch that opens by pulling a pin upwards while pulling the gate towards you - not an easy feat. Well, a week or so later it happened again only this time we witnessed the wether stand on his hind legs and with his mouth pull the pin upwards to open the gate! His name from then on was 'Gate Opener'. According to our son, after todays escapade this lambs new name is 'Bucket Head'.