Last year our daughter bought a dwarf nigerian diary goat, Fleur, with money she earned pulling weeds. Fleur joined Tiki and Daisy, 3 year old dwarf nigerian crosses and Voila, a 1 year old 3/4 dwarf nigerian and 1/4 la mancha cross with the characteristic small ears and excellent temperament. We also have a buck Checkers and a wether Otis. Otis is a darling and loves going for walks on leash. Voila had twins in January, two bucklings Homer and Plato, photo top left and Homer top right. In March Fleur had triplets, bottom left and Tiki had twins, bottom right.


We had six lambs this year, all born in January and February. Three girls and three boys.  Mini was first with a black lamb called Blackberry. Paris had twins, Peaches and Cream, photo top left. Cooper's female lamb, Austin, photo top right; Bouquet's male lamb Puff bottom left and Colossus' lamb Topping is also a boy. Hestia and Hyacinth didn't give us lambs this time around.