Lamb, Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys, Pumpkins and Squash

We butchered several batches of lambs this year. The first batch in May sold out quickly at the farmers market. We have a variety of cuts available from the fall batch and will also soon have lamb Italian sausage meat (not in links) that we are eager to try. We are also raising turkeys again this year with a planned butcher day of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and free delivery of your fresh turkey. This year we are raising a heritage breed (Bronze) and still have a couple available.

Lamb loin, rib and sirloin chops (4 / pack) - $12 / #
Lamb Leg roast (boneless) - $7.40 / #
Lamb Leg roast (bone in) - $6.60 / #
Lamb Shoulder roast (boneless) - $7.40 / #
Lamb Shanks - $6 / #
Lamb Bones (soup/stock) - $2.75 / #
Bronze Heritage Turkey - $4.65 / #
Whole Chicken - $3.95 / #

We also have several varieties of winter squash at 65c / # and pie pumpkins 55c / # for sale.

Squash: Acorn, Buttercup, Butternut, Red Kuri Hubbard, Green Kabocha and Spaghetti.
Pumpkins: New England Pie, Baby Pam and Rouge Vif D'Etampes.

Our onions were a big hit this year at the market. While we have sold out of the mini and red onions, we do still have Sweet Onions for sale at $1 / #.

And lastly we do have a limited quantity of greens; Winter Red Kale, Parsley and Sorrel at $1.50 / bag. I have more greens (kale, bok choi, arugula and mustard) started in a low tunnel but with the low light intensity at this time of year it will be a while before they are ready.

Please email ( if you like to visit the farm to make a purchase or even just for a tour.