2017 CSA Announcement

Over the past decade we have often been asked if we have a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. The short answer has always been no but we do have an email list where you can order produce for pick up or sometimes delivery. The long answer was that we struggled with the traditionally rigid structure of a CSA. You get a box of stuff and you probably don't know what to do with some of those items so they get pushed to the corner of fridge and things you do like there are not enough of. Some CSAs deal with this by having a swaps box and detailed recipes (which takes lots of time besides I don't use recipes!). In the industry CSAs get a bad rap for pushing lots of crucifers (broccoli, cauliflower etc.) CSA also is said to mean Crucifers Sold Abundantly. As a farmer I want to grow variety, not a 1000' row feet of broccoli, I really like Asian greens because they are quick growing (so first fresh greens of the season), are really tasty and can be less detrimental to the soil. Crucifers are good too, when I've had my fill of Bok Choy. I also really enjoy a wide variety of tomatoes - but I digress. A CSA does support the farmer with an upfront payment that helps with the expenditures early in the season when they have little to no income from the farm. I think the community also likes a CSA because they have engaged a farmer to supply them with food in the upcoming season. The CSA customers also get a discount over farmers market prices.

With these considerations in mind and also balancing our limited manpower we have designed a new Nuts About Berries CSA program for 2017 detailed in this brochure. If there any questions you have feel free to shoot us an email or text.

Thanks Jon and Debra.