New Ram

We had two breeds of sheep in our flock, Romneys and CVM (California Variegated Mutant) a rare sub-type of Romeldales. The CVMs are somewhat smaller than the Romneys, the CVM ewes are excellent mothers and produce a very fine fleece. The Romneys produce an outerware fleece. Our ram is a CVM (his name is Zeus) breed and this past summer we decided to purchase a second Ram, a Border Leicester breed, named Yeti. We purchased him from a local farm to diversify genetics and produce larger lambs. He was originally born on Sudan farm, he is a bit of gentle giant probably weighing 100 lbs more than Zeus. Initially we were a bit concerned over how they would get on but Yeti and Zeus have been inseparable since he was introduced to the flock even nuzzling each other occasionally and has integrated very well.