Fleur, a pure bred Dwarf Nigerian doe, gave birth to twins this morning, one of each. Doe and kids are doing very well. We all think they are incredibly cute. Paris, our best CVM ewe mostly cleans off her new lambs, but when we got to the barn this morning Fleur had not just cleaned off her kids she had groomed them!

New lambs

Paris our favorite CVM safely delivered twins yesterday. Twins are typical for Paris and she rarely needs any help. The boy is considerably bigger than the girl and is garnering most of the attention from the ewe in fact he already looks like he is a week old he has filled out that fast. We gave the girl a bottle of colostrum right a bed time as she hasn't fully got the hang of nursing yet. The lambs were born in the common area of our barn, then as soon as they are cleaned up by the ewe (sometimes we have to help but not with Paris) we move them into a 4 foot square nursing pen (lambing jug) where they can bond with their mother and we can feed the ewe without competition from the rest of the flock. Paris' fleece is looking especially good this year with great luster and clean!