End of summer vegetables:

Beans - Green, Purple and Yellow Wax
Beets - Chiogga, Golden and Red
Broccoli - heads and sprouting
Corn - soon (est. 9/18)
Cucumber - Lemon
Cucumber - Armenian (actually this is a variety of melon).
Eggplant - Japanese and regular types
Lettuce - Bibb, Buttercrunch, Rouge D'Hiver, Simpson and Prizehead (est. 9/11-9/18)
Marrow - English variety of squash that is baked.
Summer squash - Scalloped (patty pan), green and golden, Yellow straight neck and crookneck, Magda
Onions - cooking: Cippolini, Red Marble, Red Zepplin, Copra.
Peppers - Biscayne, Gypsy
Tomatoes - Cherry (Orange, Yellow), Grape (Red) and slicing
Zucchini - Green and stripped (Cocozelle)

With fall fast approaching it is time to plant fall cover crops and veggies. I've already started scallions, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, beets in soil blocks; Brussels sprouts, chard, kale is in the ground and I will be planting carrots and spinach this week.