Hillsboro Market

Nuts About Berries will be at the Orenco Station Hillsboro Market this Sunday (8/30) from 10 am until 2 pm. We  will have fresh plums and pears, a wide variety of vegetables, freshly cracked walnuts and farm fresh free range eggs. Also check out our wool products, from the raw fleece to finished hats, felted fish and soaps. Hope to see you there!

Quetsch Plums

We've started picking our Quetsch Plums and will be bringing them to the Sherwood Saturday market, tomorrow 9 am until 1 pm (8/22). They are a small plum, oblong in shape with a purplish black skin, inside they have a sweet somewhat crunchy yellow flesh. There are grown particularly in Alsace France.

This week we will have delightfully sweet sun gold and grape tomatoes and also we will again have baby carrots along with beans, beets, broccoli, chard, cucumber (lemon and Armenian), kohlrabi, welsh (bunching) onions and of course squash (Patty Pan, Crookneck and Straight neck).

Last week we donated 402 lbs of zucchini and squash to the Plant a Row for the hungry program - they were somewhat overwhelmed.

New drop spindles

We now have Turkish drop spindles handcrafted on site by Jon at Nuts About Berries, currently available in North American cherry hardwood. The Turkish spindle is an interesting design whereby the spindle is used to lock together two interlocking cross pieces. As fiber is spun into yarn, it is wound on the cross pieces, over one, under two, forming a center pull ball. When spinning is complete the spindle is removed unlocking the cross pieces which are then slid out of the ball leaving the ball of yarn with two ends. These two ends can then be spun into a balanced two ply yarn. Weight of the drop spindle is approximately 1.4 oz.

Come and try out these drop spindles at the Tuality Farmers Market, Thursday 13th August 3-6:30 pm or Hillsboro Farmers Market, 15th August 8 am-1:30 pm.

Figs are ready!

The first of our figs are ready! We will be at the Sherwood Saturday market tomorrow (8/7/09) from 9 am until 1 pm. Come early they go fast! 

This week we will also have blackberries along with a variety of great tasting vegetables.

Sunshine Pantry

Today, Nuts About Berries donated 259 lbs of surplus produce to the Sunshine Pantry in Beaverton.

19# Armenian Cucumber
16# Royal Burgundy and Cherokee Wax Beans
28# Patty Pan Squash
195# Cocozelle Zucchini
1# Swiss Chard

The pantry was thrilled, with the economic downturn they are feeding 40 families a day.