Market Stall

It has been a while since my last post - just so much to do. We nearly doubled the area cultivated for vegetables and with the wet spring the weed pressure was intense. This season I purchased a wheel hoe which really helped weeding the beans, melons, squash and corn which are planted on a wide spacing. However the early spring plantings were a bit too close together for the wheel hoe so those weeds had to be hand pulled, very time consuming, consequently it was a struggle to keep the weeds in check.

Debra took this photo last Sunday at the farmers market (Orenco Station). Up front we have six different varieties of bush beans - yellow fillet, purple, green (2 types), yellow wax and Italian flat pod. We also have a pole bean growing up the corn and scarlet runner beans that we haven't picked yet. On the left the orange Sungold cherry tomatoes are a big hit - such intense flavor. We planted seven varieties of basil in our moveable greenhouse, two sweet Italian and five flavored varieties.

I've already started planting fall crops, lettuce and chinese cabbage under shade cloth and several rows of beets, kohlrabi and spinach.