Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys

Customer feedback: "That was the best turkey we have ever had! It was ready in 3.5 hours - fast for such a large bird! Please let us know if you are going to do another batch of turkeys next year." - Sarah

We are selling pasture raised fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. The turkeys are the white broad breasted turkeys raised in a mobile pen that we move twice a day to fresh grass, they eat a diet of premium poultry feed, supplemented with the salad bar, a brassica forage crop that I grew and our walnuts. Absolutely no medication was given to the turkeys even when they were hatchlings.

The turkeys will be processed 2 days before Thanksgiving by a home school family in Willamina (Mineral Springs Poultry) that we have been using for about 6 years now. We will deliver the turkeys fresh to your door or a convenient pick up point on Tuesday afternoon (23rd November). Pricing is $4.25 per pound plus a deposit of $6 which is the processing fee. We expect sizes will vary from 15# for the small females to 30# for the biggest tom. Quantities are very limited so if you are interested please email us at

We have several mobile pens (also called chicken tractors), presently we are using one for layer chickens and one for meat chickens during the summer, currently housing the turkeys. The pens are a great way to provide access to outdoors, bugs and salad bar. They also eliminate cleaning the chicken coop (no ones favorite job) and reduces predation. The pen structure is built from recycled 2x6 ripped in half and screwed together (nails will pull out). The roof material is recycled metal roofing from a pole barn that I deconstructed (after a 3' snow storm brought it down).